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Ist eine tiefgreifende Serie so wenig hitzig.

Jesus Twd

Charakter: Paul wird als klug, freundlich und charmant mit einem schelmischen Sinn für Humor beschr. Im Midseason-Finale von Staffel 9 von „The Walking Dead“ starb Jesus einen schockierenden Serientod. Nach seinem Ausstieg hat Darsteller. Comic-Fans warteten gespannt auf den ersten Auftritt von Paul "Jesus" Rovia in "​The Walking Dead, doch am Ende verschwand der Charakter.

Jesus Twd „The Walking Dead“: Serientod macht Fans traurig und wütend

Paul "Jesus" Monroe ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead sowie der gleichnamigen Fernsehserie, in der er von Tom Payne porträtiert wurde. Jesus diente als Botschafter für The Hilltop und sucht häufig nach neuen Rekruten. Anfangs wird Jesus von Rick misstraut, aber schließlich gewinnt er seinen Respekt als geschätztes Mitglied und ist auch für seine Fähigkeiten im Kampf bekannt. the year we lost Carl Grimes, Rick Grimes and Jesus. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US @ TWD?!? #TWD #TheWalkingDead. Comic-Fans warteten gespannt auf den ersten Auftritt von Paul "Jesus" Rovia in "​The Walking Dead, doch am Ende verschwand der Charakter. In der TV-Serie "The Walking Dead" zählt die Figur des Jesus seit der 6. Staffel zu den Zuschauerlieblingen. Jetzt stellt sich die Frage: Ist Jesus tatsächlich. Charakter: Paul wird als klug, freundlich und charmant mit einem schelmischen Sinn für Humor beschr. Im Midseason-Finale von "The Walking Dead" – Staffel 9 kam es zu einem schockierenden Serientod: Dieser TWD-Star äußert sich.

Jesus Twd

In der TV-Serie "The Walking Dead" zählt die Figur des Jesus seit der 6. Staffel zu den Zuschauerlieblingen. Jetzt stellt sich die Frage: Ist Jesus tatsächlich. Ausgefallene Jesus Twd Kleidung für Damen und Herren ○ Von Künstlern designt und verkauft ○ Einzigartige T-Shirts, Pullover, Tank Tops und mehr. Anfangs wird Jesus von Rick misstraut, aber schließlich gewinnt er seinen Respekt als geschätztes Mitglied und ist auch für seine Fähigkeiten im Kampf bekannt.

He then instructs Michonne to arrange a meeting with their leader. Paul claims he is from a community with two hundred survivors and offers to trade equipment.

He also states that there are two other groups that he knows about and trades with. Rick then asks him if he is here to ask Alexandria to join the trade network, Paul says that he is and Rick seemingly appears to trust him and extends his hand out to Paul.

However, Rick knocks him out, distrusting him due to his previous encounters with the Woodbury army and the Hunters. Paul is then tied up and held prisoner in the Safe-Zone's infirmary.

He is visited by Rick, who he tries to convince that he is innocent and has no intention to harm Alexandria. Rick, however, tells him that he simply does not believe him.

Much later on, Carl Grimes makes a visit to see Paul, in order to gain insight on his intentions. Paul warmly welcomes him in and tells him to take a seat, as he intends to tell Carl whatever he wants to know.

However, Rick walks in on them and immediately tells Carl to leave, however Carl tells Rick that if Paul was a "bad man" he would have shot him already and angrily leaves Rick and Paul alone.

Rick then proceeds to tell Paul that he intends to go to the Hilltop, telling him that if he does not like what he sees, he will kill Paul on the spot.

Paul reluctantly agrees to this, saying if that is the only choice he has, then what other option is available.

After the group stops for the night, they are ambushed by a large group of zombies. Paul uses this opportunity to help build his trust with the group and starts to help dispatch the undead foes and secure the area for the night.

The next day sees Paul and the group nearing the Hilltop. However, they are delayed by a vehicle wreckage in the middle of the highway. Rick exits the van to move it and Paul jumps out to help him and as they push the vehicle out the way, Paul falls backwards into a pool of mud.

Rick helps him up, saying he is sorry, however Paul cuts him off, asking if he was sorry he fell or if he was sorry he kept him tied-up. Rick tells him that he is sorry he fell and that keeping him tied-up is a procedure as they move Paul back into the van.

Later that day, Paul asks them to pull over, saying he has to go to the "little boys room". Rick tells him that he will assist him, however Paul reveals that he has freed himself, going on to say that he was never truly their prisoner.

An astounded Rick asks Paul why he did not free himself earlier, to which Paul tells him that he was testing Rick and his people and they passed that test.

Rick thanks him for his trust in them and Paul says he needs him to return the favor, going on to say that they have arrived at the Hilltop.

Rick tells him that he still can't trust him enough to walk into Hilltop. Paul asks what's it going to take and says that he could have killed Rick's entire group in their sleep if he wanted too, but he didn't.

After some convincing, Rick takes Paul's word and agrees to enter Hilltop. Paul also tells him that the Hilltop has ran out of ammo and that he is allowing Rick's group to take their weapons in and without further delay, Paul and the group approach the Hilltop's gates.

When they get there, Kal attempts to stop them, saying Rick and his group could be dangerous. Paul angrily tells him to stand down, saying that he has control over who enters Hilltop.

Kal reluctantly obeys Jesus' commands and opens the gate, allowing the group into Hilltop. Once inside, Paul starts to show the group around, taking them straight to Hilltop's leader, Gregory.

Suddenly, a resident named Ethan returns from an expedition and attempts to kill Gregory in order for Negan to free a hostage of theirs named Crystal , causing a chaos that results in Ethan's death.

After diffusing the situation, Paul informs Rick's group about the Saviors, the people who terrorize them and who caused Ethan's death.

Paul is then interrupted by Carl, who proposes that if they kill the Saviors, the Hilltop will trade half of their supplies. Rick agrees with this proposal and a stunned Paul says that he thinks the trade can be arranged.

Later that day, Paul is seen attending Ethan's funeral with Rick. However, a resident named Samuel interrupts the two and punches Rick in the face, accusing him of murdering Ethan.

Paul intervenes and says that Rick was merely defending himself, also saying that Ethan was a good man but had to die.

He then helps Rick up and they walk away from the funeral, leaving a shocked crowd behind. Later on, Paul is seen helping unload supplies onto Rick's group's van.

Rick thanks him for the offering and Paul says he will be in-touch, in case anything goes wrong.

A week later, Paul is pleasantly surprised to see Rick again so soon. His jovial mood quickly shifts to one of horror after he sees Glenn's beaten corpse.

After hearing Rick tell him and Gregory what happened since they were last at Hilltop, Paul is amazed that Negan actually came and dealt with Rick personally; he, like all the other residents of Hilltop, had never actually seen Negan and was believed to be a fabrication made up by the Saviors.

He later decides to accompany Rick and the others back to the Safe Zone saying, "I'll feel a lot better knowing more about Negan and his people" and that "you guys seem to be on the front lines.

Paul is later shown to his new house in the Alexandria Safe-Zone by Heath. Heath contemplates why Paul would want to leave the Hilltop, saying that the community is much more preferable than Alexandria and Paul responds by telling Heath how he would trade the Hilltop's trailers for the Alexandria's houses any day.

He also tells Heath that he is sorry for Glenn's death and Heath asks him if he is here to help them stop Negan, Paul tells him that he is going to try and help them.

After gearing up, Paul begins to follow Dwight, hoping to discover the Saviors base of operations. While overlooking Dwight on a highway, he is taken by surprise by a lone zombie and is almost bitten.

Paul, however, manages to throw it off the highway overpass and is almost caught by Dwight in the process, only being saved by ducking down at the last possible second.

Paul is later ambushed by three Saviors, two of whom are called John and Tara. Paul tries to fight of the Savior trio, but is subdued by Tara.

After being knocked to the floor, Paul is almost killed by the Saviors, however, he is saved by Dwight and another Savior, who tell Paul's attackers to stand down, as they have some "important" questions for Paul.

Dwight and the other Savior tie Paul up and load him onto a jeep. They drive to the Sanctuary, allowing Paul to get a good look at the area and he bails out of the jeep at the very last second, narrowly avoiding capture.

After escaping from Dwight and his men, Paul is seen using his martial arts skills to easily dispatch a zombie, allowing him to hot-wire a car back to the Safe-Zone.

After arriving back at Alexandria, Paul is greeted by Heath, who let's him in. He quickly proceeds to Rick's house in the dead of night and wakes him up.

Rick is startled by this and demands to know how Paul got in his house, Paul tells him that he left the front door unlocked and that the information he has is urgent.

Paul informs Rick that he knows where The Saviors live and Rick asks him if he saw Carl there, Paul is confused by this and Rick tells him that Carl has gone missing.

Paul quickly recalls his trip there and says that he heard automatic rifle fire while leaving, Rick then tells him Abraham's machine gun is missing and Paul tells him he can take him there in the morning.

Rick, however, says he can't wait that long. Paul, Rick, Michonne, and Andrea set out towards the Sanctuary, while on their way there, Paul tells them of the Sanctuary's lay-out.

He explains that the Saviors have set up a "killing floor" of zombies in front of the Sanctuary's fences and that there is no good spot around the place for reconnaissance.

Rick, however, tells him that he just plans to knock on the front door and they soon, unexpectedly run into Negan on the road there. After a tense stand-off between Rick and Negan, the group retrieve Carl unharmed and well.

After that the Saviors leave, Rick asks Paul if Negan was lying about being reasonable. Too everyone's surprise, Paul says that Negan has some strange rules, but if you follow them, he can be reasonable most of the time.

He is informed by Rick, that, Carl managed to provide significant information on the Sanctuary. Paul is surprised by this and the information provided, mostly due to the fact that the Saviors do not have as many men as everyone believed stationed at the Sanctuary.

After some careful consideration, Paul decides that it is time Rick met Ezekiel. Days later, he travels with Rick to the Kingdom to meet Ezekiel.

There, they manage to convince Ezekiel to join their rebellion against Negan and the Saviors, using the information Carl provided.

Ezekiel the surprises them by informing the two that an inside man within the Saviors has betrayed Negan; it is revealed to be Dwight, Abraham's killer.

Rick angrily attacks Dwight, but is held off by Ezekiel and Shiva , his tiger. Paul and Rick are both suspicious of Dwight but they agree to work with him.

Some time later, Rick asks Paul to go and inform Maggie about his plan. He sneaks into Hilltop and tells her their plan to deal with Negan and the Saviors.

He also tells her that he and Rick do not trust Gregory enough to keep the plan under wraps from Negan and says that he wants her to keep an eye on him.

He visits Gregory, who is fearful about the plan and thinking of backing out of the original deal set up with Rick regarding the Saviors.

Paul tries to convince him by telling him that Ezekiel has now joined their forces. Gregory says that Ezekiel is crazy and that he has never liked him, so he can't trust him.

Paul retorts by saying Gregory does not have to like him, just trust that he hates Negan enough to go through with the plan. Gregory stays silent and Paul asks him if he knows how many people Hilltop can spare and Gregory says he does not even know how many people live in Hilltop.

Later that day, Paul goes to the Hilltop's guard wall and inform his friend, Kal, about rounding up men who can assist in the fight.

Kal is hesitant to do this, but Paul seemingly sways Kal to his side by informing him of Dwight's betrayal. He also introduces Maggie to Earl Sutton , the blacksmith, and asks him to craft a combat knife for Maggie.

When asked about if Kal had come by, Earl mentions that Kal left for a perimeter check and won't be back until nightfall.

Paul is in shock and asks himself how he could have been so stupid, realizing that Kal is about to tell the Saviors his and Rick's whole plan of attack.

Paul asks Earl how long ago he left; after receiving an answer, Paul grabs a horse and heads out to pursue Kal. He ends up catching Kal, who had fired a flare to contact the Saviors.

Kal tells him to leave, but Paul refuses and Kal retaliates by throwing his spear at him. Paul easily counters the attack, grabbing the spear and snapping it.

Having no other choice, Kal reveals himself to Paul, saying that Paul is acting like a lunatic and that he is playing around with people's lives.

Paul tells him to stop messing around and to trust him, immediately asking how long ago he set the flare off, but before Kal can answer, Connor and his men show up.

Kal starts to tell them about the planned revolution, but, Paul interrupts him and says that next time the Saviors visit the Hilltop their "offering" is going to be a little shy of the expectation.

Connor angrily tells Paul that there is nine more days until the drop and that they better hope it is not light. He then punches Paul in the stomach for wasting his time and leaves the area.

After Connor and the other Saviors leave, Kal apologizes to Paul for his stupidity and says that he is now willing to help in the coming battle.

Paul berates him for this and when Kal asks if they can keep this between themselves, Paul gives him an angry glare and rides off without saying a word.

Later on, back at the Hilltop, Paul is seen rounding up men and women to join the fight against the Saviors. He stops Eduardo from joining them, saying that he's too young and isn't ready.

Gregory continues to remind Paul how uneasy he feels about this, but Paul tells him that for all he knows, they defected. When Gregory says that it's the safest way to avoid putting others at risk, Paul reminds him that if he had thought about the welfare of others over himself, 'maybe we wouldn't be in this position.

Paul calls his bluff and leaves, saying that their argument is pointless. Paul arrives at the Kingdom with roughly twenty people from the Hilltop.

During a meeting with Rick and Ezekiel, Paul says that the head of security, Kal, rounded up the most able bodied members to join them.

Rick questions if he trusts Kal and his judgement; Paul with the recent attempt by Kal to sell them all out to the Saviors still fresh in his mind says that he does.

Paul alongside Aaron is later seen infiltrating one of the Savior outposts. He inquires that the outpost is empty and that no guards are in the vicinity.

He suddenly notices something and says, "Oh, damn. Jesus arrives at the Safe-Zone, hidden away from Negan and his men.

He then grabs a Savior by his foot and trips him over. The Saviors open fire, but instead of hitting Paul they kill the Savior. Negan tells them to hold fire and at that moment Paul throws himself at the nearest Savior and orders Rick, Heath, Holly , and Nicholas into a trench.

He proceeds to fight the Saviors until he works his way to Negan, who he disarms and captures. Negan frantically tells the Saviors to hold fire and Paul issues an order to let the survivors go and threatens to kill Negan.

He tells Paul that even if he were to succeed, the Saviors would still open fire and kill Paul. However it was revealed that Paul's intentions were to stall the Saviors until Ezekiel and his soldiers arrive.

After the Saviors retreat, Paul converses with Ezekiel about the Safe-Zone and Ezekiel tells Paul that he greatly undersold the community to him.

He is later seen outside of Rick's house where he informs Rick that he is the leader the people need and that he is the one who they will follow.

He is later seen talking to Rick before they attack the Sanctuary, Rick asks Paul how he feels and he replies by saying; "Nervous as hell, but that's to be expected.

He arrives alongside over one hundred men from the Kingdom, Hilltop Colony and Alexandria and together they demand that Negan surrender or they will storm the Sanctuary and kill all of his people.

Negan refuses and states that he has a different plan and brings out Gregory. Paul watches in horror as Gregory informs him and the other members of the Hilltop rebel group that Hilltop has sided with the Saviors and that if they want to see their friends and families again they must surrender.

Rick tells Paul that he will understand if he chooses to leave the battle. However Paul affirms that he's staying, saying that "all I have at the Hilltop are a bunch of books.

On their way out of the battlefield, Kal informs Paul that he can't go through with the battle, knowing Negan has control over the Hilltop. After Negan declares war on Rick's forces, Paul is seen crouched with Rick behind a bus, ducking from Savior gunfire.

He notes the roamers around the wall are going crazy and asks Rick if he's really sure his plan will work. To which Rick replies by saying; "Yes, I am.

Paul is still unsure that Rick's plan will work, however Rick assures him that it will. After getting on one of the buses, he tries to stop Holly who says that she is trying to find Rick.

His attempt to stop her fails and she goes to confront Rick. After escaping from an oncoming herd, drawn to the Sanctuary by the noise of the battle, Paul finds Michonne.

She asks him where Rick is. He responds by saying that, as part of the plan, Rick stayed behind. However he is cut short when Rick appears behind him and declares that the war has just begun.

A few hours later Paul and Rick are talking about the battle and how Holly smashed through the Sanctuary's fences instead of Rick, who blames himself for her actions.

He goes on to say that he knows Negan would never kill him immediately and that he will kill Holly. Paul tells him to eat and that there is nothing they can do about Holly, however he says that the Saviors are probably too busy with the zombies to care about Holly.

Rick says that he hopes he is right and Paul responds saying; "Me too. He, alongside Eric , are the first people to run into combat, however, Eric is gunned down by a Savior and Paul quickly rushes to disarm another Savior in order to gain access to the inside of the outpost.

Paul holds the Savior at gunpoint so that he will open the door for Paul and the rest of the fighters. The Savior does so and is immediately shot in the head by Paul, who proceeds to gun down the Saviors who opened the door and the oncoming Savior forces alongside Rick and the others.

After capturing the Savior outpost, Paul burns the bodies of the fallen Army and Savior members. He soon catches up with Rick and asks him if he thinks the undead are laughing at them.

Rick tells him that he prefers to not think about it and they both join the other Army members and depart back to Alexandria. After arriving back at the Safe-Zone, Paul joins a meeting to discuss the next phase of the war plans.

Shortly after, Paul and the other meeting members are startled by a large explosion, caused by a Savior grenade and are forced to take cover.

Soon after this, Negan and his Saviors begin to bombard the Safe-Zone with grenades. Paul is seen searching for Rick in the chaos.

Rick is almost killed by a grenade thrown by one of the Saviors, but, Jesus manages to toss it over the wall and kill a Savior named Gary.

After doing so, he investigates some gunfire coming from outside the Safe-Zone and finds that Dwight has killed his Savior squad.

Dwight tells him that he is on Rick's side, not Negan's, and will do whatever it takes to help them win. After the Saviors' attack on the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Paul, Nicholas, and a few other men venture outside the damaged Safe-Zone walls and start clearing out the zombies drawn to Alexandria by the battle's noise.

Sometime during this, Paul finds out about Eugene's capture by the Saviors and informs Rick. He tries to persuade Rick to let him go and help Eugene and the other captured Alexandria residents, but, Rick tells him that he will just get himself killed.

He then travels with Rick, and all the relocating Alexandrians, to the Hilltop. After arriving at Hilltop, Paul is seen in his room reading when he hears a knock on the door.

It is Alex , who says it feels like they haven't talked in forever, Paul apologizes to him, saying he has had a lot on his mind, and invites him in.

Alex asks Paul if he could read to him, showing that they are in a relationship with each other. It is shown that at some point after arriving back at the Hilltop, Paul told Rick about a small town that is located about half a mile from the Hilltop that could prove to be of some use to them in the war.

Rick agrees and decides to make it a good spot to move the people who are unable to fight, as well as making it a rendezvous point in the event that the Hilltop is destroyed.

Soon after Paul and the group discuss their plans of attack and defense against the Saviors, the Hilltop is attacked by Negan and most of his Saviors.

Paul is one of the first to spring to the Hilltop's defense, witnessing Kal being killed by the Saviors. However, Paul is unmoved by this and continues to fight the Saviors alongside Rick.

After a few minutes of gunfire, Rick tells Paul to retreat back to the Hilltop mansion and he does so, continuing to provide cover-fire for Rick and the others.

Much later into the battle of Hilltop, Rick is shot through the torso with an arrow by Dwight and Nicholas starts to escort him back to Harlan Carson in the Hilltop's mansion through the cover of nightfall.

However, a lone Savior catches them off-guard and almost kills them, but, Paul comes to their rescue and dropkicks the lone Savior in the face.

Paul then tells Nicholas to get back the Hilltop mansion before the Saviors cut the area off, Paul saying he will stay back and handle the lone Savior.

After the battle finishes and Negan retreats from the Hilltop, Paul and Michonne begin to observe the damage done to Hilltop, zombies slowly shambling towards them through the broken gate.

Michonne tells him that the noise from the battle will draw even more zombies to the Hilltop, Paul saying that they should attempt to clear the invading zombies out before anymore come, him and Michonne then work together to clear the Hilltop of zombies.

Later in their clean out of Hilltop, Michonne gets Paul's attention by showing him a Savior knife coated in zombie blood.

Paul then brings the knife to Harlan Carson and he tells Paul that anyone hit by a Savior weapon in the battle will die no matter how minor their injuries.

After presenting Harlan with the infected knife, Paul resumes his duty of clearing the zombies building up inside Hilltop alongside Michonne.

The two are quickly swarmed by the undead horde and are forced to retreat backwards. Paul distracts the entire horde to allow Michonne to escape away easily.

While he is leading the horde away from Michonne, Eugene arrives back at Hilltop, having escaped his capture at the hands of The Saviors.

Paul tells him and the other people he brought with him to abandon their van and head to the Hilltop's mansion. Eugene tells him that the van is full of bullets he manufactured, this revelation causing Paul to change his plan of action, telling Eugene to help him clear the zombies to allow the van a path to the mansion.

Paul and the others successfully do so, calming the tide of undead for the meantime. Paul and many others later venture outside the Hilltop walls to set up and ambush for Negan and his Saviors for when they arrive later on.

After much waiting, Negan arrives with the rest of his Saviors and Rick confronts him just outside of the Hilltop's gate. After a long discussion between the two of them, Rick slashes Negan's throat with a knife, sparking the Saviors to attack Rick and the Hilltop.

However, the Saviors are quickly out-maneuvered by Paul and the rest of his strike team, as they manage to kill several Saviors. Dwight soon picks up Lucille in the midst of the battle and declares that the war is over, the Saviors immediately surrendering to Paul and the others, thus ending their reign of terror.

In the months after Negan's incarceration, Paul chooses to stay in Alexandria rather than going back to Hilltop. He later joins a group of people alongside Eugene, Rosita, Aaron and Heath who tasked with keeping herds away from Alexandria and the other communities while scouting for new people to bring into Alexandria.

Two years after the war against Negan and his Saviors, Jesus and the rest of Alexandria's scout force are busy leading a massive herd away from the Kingdom until they bump into a group of six people led by a woman named Magna.

Paul sees that the group are being attacked by the herd that he and the other members of the force are directing.

Paul quickly springs to action and saves Magna by killing a zombie that was about to bite her. After a few more minutes of fighting, Aaron uses a battle-horn to get the herd to follow him, leaving Paul to talk with Magna and her group in peace.

Paul tells her that she is free to come with him back to Alexandria in attempt to join the community there if she and her group hand over their weapons, also offering the alternative of the two going their separate ways if Magna does not feel comfortable in trusting Paul.

Magna says she will only come if Paul promises that their community is worth it; he answers that they have plenty of food, instantly convincing her.

After arriving back at Alexandria with Magna and her group, he escorts them to Alexandria's great hall where Rick is waiting to speak with Magna about her group staying at the community.

After Magna agrees to Rick's terms of handing over her group's weapons, he is asked by Rick to locate Eugene and bring him a report on their mission of driving off the herd.

Before Rick and Carl start their trip to the Hilltop, he is seen asking Carl to deliver a letter to Alex. Jesus goes to Andrea's house to check in before leaving and is prepared to attack Magna's group when he sees them inside.

Payne was born in Chelmsford, Essex, and grew up in Bath, Somerset, where he attended King Edward's School and was a prolific contributor to the school's drama department.

He attended the Royal Central Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Stars of the s, Then and Now. Share this page:. John Adams premiere. Do you have a demo reel?

Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Tom Payne's work have you seen? Known For.

The Physician Rob Cole. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Phil. Waterloo Road Brett Aspinall. Jump to: Actor Soundtrack Thanks Self.

Malcolm Bright. Show all 20 episodes. Paul 'Jesus' Rovia. Paul 'Jesus' Rovia credit only. Show all 45 episodes. Leon Micheaux. Show all 9 episodes.

Edgar Lawson. Brett Aspinall. Show all 30 episodes. Toby Tyler.

Jesus Twd - Mehr Action in den Comics

Kirkman wünscht sich mehr schwule Filmrollen Kirkman selbst bezeichnet Jesus als einen seiner Lieblingscharaktere. Du kannst hier die Verwendung von Cookies hier anpassen. Im Midseason-Finale von Staffel 9 von „The Walking Dead“ starb Jesus einen schockierenden Serientod. Nach seinem Ausstieg hat Darsteller. Dass Paul Rovia, auch Jesus genannt, in der neusten The Walking Dead Folge starb, dürfte viele Fans traurig stimmen, war er doch ein. Ausgefallene Jesus Twd Kleidung für Damen und Herren ○ Von Künstlern designt und verkauft ○ Einzigartige T-Shirts, Pullover, Tank Tops und mehr. Jesus Twd Tom Chfkoch hatte im Hintergrund hart für die Rolle gearbeitet und sich mit Martial Arts vorbereitet, um allen actionreichen Szenen gewappnet zu sein und Jesus einen coolen Auftritt zu bescheren. Paul wurde in den frühen er Jahren geboren, als Waise Tatjana Besson er in einer Wohngemeinschaft in Virginia auf. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Du findest DBNA toll? Paul wird als klug, freundlich und charmant mit einem schelmischen Sinn für Humor beschrieben. Während eines Treffens, das Gregory Strange Days mit einem entsandten leitete, forderten die Saviors die Hälfte der Vorräte der Hilltop-Kolonie als Gegenleistung dafür, dass sie die Bauerngemeinschaft unversehrt verlassen hatten. Related wiki Jimmy. Jesus Twd Related Videos. This wiki. Paul easily counters the attack, grabbing the spear and snapping it. Tara, knowing he doesn't like the responsabilities, moves to Hilltop to help around. 16:, after Gregory has poisoned Maggie, Jesus enters the scene and looks horrified at the scene. The reveal itself is understated. Jump to: Actor Soundtrack Thanks Self.

Jesus Twd Enttäuschung war groß

Get App. Seine Rückkehr dürfte aber nicht mehr in Staffel neun geschehen. Hier kannst du jetzt DBNA unterstützen. Seitdem wurde die Figur in der Angela Featherstone immer bedeutender. Daddario Jugendschutz Infos für Eltern Verhaltenskodex. In diesen Geschehnissen könnte auch Jesus verwickelt gewesen sein. Diese Werbespots sind in Deutschland Harald Töpfer. Werde Teil unserer Community und vernetze dich mit anderen Jungs aus deiner Nähe! Jesus Twd

After fighting with the Whisperers, Jesus' death on The Walking Dead marks the beginning of a new chapter for the series. Having been stabbed in the heart by a Whisperer, Jesus likely won't even make it to the midseason premiere in February for a final breath.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter , actor Tom Payne said that he had been frustrated by how his character was sidelined in his middle seasons, but was ultimately happy with Jesus' last showdown.

In the comics, Paul Jesus' given name is still alive. He's also fully in a romantic relationship with Aaron, for all of those hoping that would happen on the series.

There is a search party that ends in an early confrontation with the Whisperers, and not only does Jesus survive it in the comics, he captures one of the masked villains a girl named Lydia who becomes romantically involved with Carl and interrogates them.

In the series, Jesus will sadly not rise again, Payne may return — or may have already filmed a return — to the role in the remainder of Season 9.

The actor teased some kind of flashback situation in an interview with Good Day LA, below:. One can only hope there are flashbacks!

We don't need to know everything that happened during those six years, but showing is better than telling and some things need to be shown.

Why did all of these friendships break up? Why do Michonne and Daryl and probably some yet to be revealed characters have X-shaped scars on their back?

So, while Season 9 marked the final nail on the cross for Paul "Jesus" Rovia, it's possible that other parts of his story will be filled in on a later date.

Maybe around April, just in time for Easter? It's worth it for puns alone! Archived from the original on 19 March Retrieved 24 April TV Guide.

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Wikimedia Commons. Tom Payne at Walker Stalker Con in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Into the Rose-Garden. Generation Perdue.

The Inheritance. My Funny Valentine. The Physician. Waterloo Road. Wuthering Heights. Episode: " They Do It with Mirrors ". Best: His Mother's Son.

Beautiful People. The People vs. George Lucas. The Walking Dead. Paul "Jesus" Rovia. Recurring season 6 Also starring seasons 7—8 Main cast season 9 25 episodes.

The Nightly Show. Fear the Walking Dead. Episode: " What's Your Story?

Jesus Twd - Paul "Jesus" Rovia

Als Rick und Daryl jagen und ihn erwischen, tötet Rick ihn nicht. Cookies akzeptieren. Jesus Twd

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Paul würde nicht zögern zu töten, um seine Amazon Paket zu beschützen, aber er scheint Feindlichen Menschen auch die Hingabe Gnade zu erweisen. Containment Schauspieler website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Die Beziehung zwischen den beiden ist Stabil und sie kommen gut mit einander aus. Die Theorie, dass Jesus schwul sein könnte, wirft diesen Verdacht jedoch über den Haufen. Da Jesus das gute in Menschen sieht verhindert er es öfters Fisch Englisch dadurch kommt es zu Kämpfen mit Morgan. Zwischen Миллиарды und Paul herrscht Sympathie. John Wick Stream Kkiste am Ende wich Dr. Specht Drehbuch von den Comics ab und schlug eine andere Richtung ein.

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