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Sixx The Originals

Streams zur TV-Serie: The Originals – The Awakening: Part 1 (OV) en (ov) · . Die letzte Staffel der US-Serie "The Originals" steht bevor: Sixx wird die noch ausstehenden Folgen ab September im Rahmen seiner "Mystery. sixx · · · Schlacht um New Orleans · Fr – Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn The Originals im Fernsehen läuft.

Sixx The Originals „The Originals“: Start im deutschen TV im September 2018

The Originals, das Spin-Off zu Vampire Diaries auf ♥ Die neuesten Spoiler zu Staffel 5, Previews & Trailer ✓ Alle News ✓ Jetzt online entdecken! sixx · · · Schlacht um New Orleans · Fr – Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn The Originals im Fernsehen läuft. Streams zur TV-Serie: The Originals – The Awakening: Part 1 (OV) en (ov) · . Die letzte Staffel der US-Serie "The Originals" steht bevor: Sixx wird die noch ausstehenden Folgen ab September im Rahmen seiner "Mystery. The Originals auf sixx. likes. TV Show. „The Originals“ Staffel 5: TV-Start bei Sixx steht fest und das Finale bevor! Author: Kristina Kielblock Kristina Kielblock | loszuwerden, greift Klaus zu einer folgenschweren Maßnahme. "The Originals"​, die neuen Folgen, immer donnerstags Uhr auf sixx.

Sixx The Originals

loszuwerden, greift Klaus zu einer folgenschweren Maßnahme. "The Originals"​, die neuen Folgen, immer donnerstags Uhr auf sixx. The Originals auf sixx. likes. TV Show. Bei sixx startet heute die fünfte Staffel der Mysteryserie The Originals. In den kommenden Episoden haben Klaus und seine Brüder und.

And different parts of her body, along with her soul, using magic, were scattered all over the world. And now, she is finally close to rebirth on earth, but for this she needs a strong witch, who is the daughter of Klaus and Haley: Hope.

Having possessed the body of little Hope, the witch wants to subdue New Orleans. To stop such a powerful being, even the most ancient creatures in the world can not.

For the spell, it took four eternally living creatures to perform: Klaus, Rebecca, Elijah and Cole. The only condition was to restrain the spell.

Family members should never see each other again and stay close to Hope. The season ends perfectly, so that you could not even think about continuing.

Haley is taking Hope to Mystic Falls, where the girl goes to a supernatural school. Elijah is freed from his devotion and guilt before the family, forcing Marcel to erase all the memories of his vampire life.

Klaus wanders and sees his brother happy. Her consent to the shooting has already been given to Kendis King, familiar to viewers on the role of Caroline Forbes.

Awaken, the Originals all feed and plan to free Klaus. Vincent helps Maxine look for her son while Vincent realizes that there have been reports of screaming, odd lights, and disappearing children throughout the Quarter in a manner similar to her son.

Embarking on their plan, Rebekah confronts and stalls Marcel, Kol stalls Josh, Marcel's new right-hand man while the others rescue Klaus.

Rebekah and Marcel clash over their past romance while Rebekah pleads for Klaus' release. Kol and Josh bond over their respective losses of Davina and Aidan.

Marcel realizes Rebekah's motive and snaps her neck, leaving Sofya to watch over her, but not kill her. In return, he and Elijah clash and fight over the recent events while Freya and Hayley successfully save Klaus.

Vincent investigates the disappearances and is put up against the blinding blue lights and strange symbols where he is barely saved.

He realizes that something has been released and it is all his fault, dating back to his past many years ago. Marcel threatens the Originals and forbids them from ever returning to town again.

Klaus bonds with Hope. Freya is still draining the venom from Keelin. Hayley and Elijah jump back into their romance and have sex. Hayley questions her place in the family.

Kol, distraught after losing Davina, is unsure where he wants to take his next steps but wants to explore the world.

Vincent and Marcel investigate the disappearances of several children while Vincent sheds light on his backstory with Eva.

She became pregnant with his child while Vincent turned to dark magic. The magic became hungry for sacrifices and constantly needed a bigger sacrifice.

Eva fell to dark magic and became addicted to the blue light magic, resorting to sacrifice children. Hayley and Elijah set Keelin free, upsetting Freya, who later captures her and tells her the family will protect her while she is still hunted.

Rebekah seeks Klaus' approval to leave and see the world. She and Kol later set off to explore. Vincent and Marcel find and save the children being sacrificed to the blue light, just as Hope falls ill.

Vincent realizes Hope was chosen to be sacrificed due to her bloodline and calls the Mikaelsons to come have her cured.

Will later becomes possessed by the blue light and kidnaps the children. Joseph Morgan. Hope is brought to Vincent to cure her, when he does, she ends up feeling worse.

Vincent realizes they need to find the children who have been kidnapped to be sacrificed. Hope warns Klaus not to investigate the blue light.

Hayley works with Marcel to find out where the kids have been taken, when they find that a werewolf had begun working with followers of the blue light to take back the city from Marcel, who is despised by the witches and werewolves.

She blames the power of the blue light on something related to Hayley and says Marcel will bow to the Hollow too, before killing herself.

Freya and Keelin work on finding Marcel's blood and receive a vile of it to kill him. Vincent tracks Will to the sacrificial ritual area and is joined by Klaus, Hayley, Marcel, and Elijah.

They all kill the followers of the Hollow, but ultimately realize this was The Hollow's intention. Klaus and Marcel are sent into the Hollow Realm, where Klaus refrains from looking into the blue light, but Marcel does.

Marcel finds himself drawn to a blue light before finding the dragon symbol. Hope has a dream where Klaus' eyes turn blue.

She wakes up horrified, noting that The Hollow has arrived. Klaus and Marcel, under the influence of the Hollow, are driven to a dangerous game, tasked with killing each other.

Freya successfully develops a knife to kill Marcel while growing closer to Keelin. Hayley visits Mary to keep Hope safe, where she learns that Mary's husbandd had journals including the serpent sigil that Hope has drawn and is all over town.

Hayley later begins to question if the cult of The Hollow made Mary's husband kill her parents years back.

Elijah and Freya barely save Marcel and Klaus from killing each other, just as the blue orb begins to form a black shadow of a person.

Elijah keeps Marcel bound in the dungeon, fearing Marcel will halt Klaus' redemption. Sofya and Dominic meet at the battle ground, with Sofya angry that their deal was broken; Klaus was not killed and Marcel was taken.

Dominic points out that Marcel's blood had been spilled and they can use it to kill Klaus or any Original. Klaus and Elijah stage a party to learn who is in the cult of the Hollow.

Vincent learns that The Hollow emerges every few years, and when it does it commits murders in four different areas.

Sofya and Josh search for Marcel, who is still being held in the basement. Hayley has Freya use dark magic to allow her to view her parents murder, looking for the connection to the Hollow.

She sees her father drop a key in the floorboard, which takes her to a warehouse where she locates a set of human teeth. Dominc pleads with Elijah to give them Vincent, as the Hollow's followers will always pose a threat.

Klaus strikes a deal with Sofya, she will tell him who is loyal to the Hollow, and he will give her Marcel back.

Elijah declares war on the Hollow by killing Dominic in front of the party-goers. Hayley shares her finding with the group, where they note that it must be one of four items necessary for the Hollow's followers to revive its human form.

Hearing this, Klaus realizes Sofya was a distraction and that the followers have stolen the dagger, which they use to revive Dominic.

Horrified, he notes that if they find the other bones before them, The Hollow will come for them all. Charles Michael Davis. Dominic stabs Sofya with the Tunde Blade.

Freya places a boundary spell on the compound. Elijah forces Vincent to perform another Harvest Girl ritual to link with the ancestors and trap the Hollow.

Freya teams with Josh to trap Dominic and learn where the other remains are. Dominic only knows that the bones were long protected by guardians.

Dominic threatens Keelin; when an angered Freya confronts him, he kills her and the protection spell fails. Vincent and Elijah's ritual goes awry, leading Vincent to call on Davina to help him complete the ritual.

Dominic storms the compound and threatens Hope, so Klaus decapitates him. Marcel convinces Hope to free him. Keelin rushes to Freya and resuscitates her and they later kiss.

Freya, tracking the guardians' lineage, learns one, a werewolf bloodline, died out with Tyler Lockwood, and that she and Elijah must travel to Mystic Falls to retrieve them.

Vincent shares that he now has a permanent ally in Davina. Klaus and Marcel call a truce to defeat the Hollow.

Sofya is awakened by the smokey woman figure, who is angry that the Ancestors are back. The girl has a crescent tattoo, just like Hayley and her father.

She inserts herself into Sofya. Hope hears voices telling her that she and Hayley are connected to what is happening.

The Ancestors send a warning. Alaric Saltzman heads to New Orleans with an item from the Lockwood estate.

The search for the bones becomes a priority, and Marcel and his vampires join the Mikaelsons in searching. Hayley and Klaus meet with the Harvest girls who send them to talk with Davina who explains the history behind The Hollow.

Davina takes Hayley and gives her information about the history of the Crescent pack. Alaric meets Sofya and requires rescue. Elijah and Marcel continue the search for the bones only to be confronted by Sofya.

Hayley intervenes and things take a twist of fate. Alaric and Hope meet and he later suggests to Klaus that she would be happy at the school he and Caroline run in Mystic Falls.

Hayley and Elijah discuss their future together while Marcel spends time at Davina's grave. Elijah visits Marcel but is met by a murderous Sofya, inhabited by the Hollow.

The Hollow has poisoned and imprisoned Elijah. Hayley raises the alarm that Elijah is missing, and Klaus confronts Marcel. Freya continues to woo Keelin, who promises to stand by her side.

Vincent's plan requires Elijah's death, which angers Klaus. Freya and Vincent search for a loophole. The Hollow reveals to Elijah that only Hope has the power to truly destroy her.

Klaus offers himself as a sacrifice in Elijah's place, causing Vincent to tell him that Camille would be proud of him.

Marcel offers the jawbone to the Hollow in exchange for Sofya. Vincent's spell and Klaus' sacrifice goes awry when the Hollow's acolytes intervene.

Elijah is killed, giving the Hollow the power it requires to be reborn. Vincent encourages the witches to leave New Orleans until he tells them it is safe to return.

Hope and Freya search for Elijah in the broken pendant. Vincent requests his dark magic journal back from Marcel, putting his life at risk.

The Hollow is reborn as Inadu. Daniel Gillies. Rebecca and Kol are partying when vampires around them begin dying.

They realize these vampires are from Elijah's sire line and return to New Orleans. Marcel and Josh work to revive Sofya. Inadu massacres the witches who had followed her.

She tells Marcel that she can heal Sofya if he pledges loyalty before attacking him. Rebecca, Kol and Klaus hunt for the poisonous rose thorns in order to destroy them.

Kol becomes angry when he finds that the Ancestors are back and goes looking for Davina. Hayley goes into the pendant to look for Elijah after Freya fails in her attempt.

They use Hope as an anchor. She finds Elijah behind the red door but flees when he does not recognize her. Marcel finds the last rose thorn but Rebecca takes it from him.

He tells her about Sofya and she returns it to him on the understanding that he destroy it when done. Freya puts Hope into the pendant to rescue Hayley.

When she uses magic, it shocks Elijah and brings him to them, making the pendant whole. Inadu brings Davina back but it creates a link between them, binding Kol to them both.

Hanelle Culpepper.

Sixx The Originals Play By Day: Start der 5. Staffel The Originals bei sixx

Unerschrocken in den Tod. The Good Doctor: Serientrailer zur 4. The Big Uneasy. Sie leitet die Schule zusammen mit Alaric Saltzman, ebenfalls ein Hauptcharakter aus der Mutterserie. Bitte auswählen: alle Sender sixx Chronik — Chronik Kino Ratzeburg OK. The Originals Gibt es ein Liebescomeback für Klaroline? Im September lief die The Green Lie Staffel von The Laura Maack auf sixx. Das blaue Licht. Staffel bei sixx Play By Day: Start der 5. The Originals auf sixx. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Bis dass der Tod uns scheidet NEU. Erbarmen Stream Deutsch mich nicht NEU. Dort erfahrt ihr, was die Mikaelson-Geschwister erleben. Diese Stadt mussten sie einst verlassen, damit sie der Zorn des Vaters nicht erreicht. The Originals Die Mika Kaurismäki Originals Welche Gefahren warten auf die Mikaelsons?

Sixx The Originals Legacies - das The Originals Spin-off Video

6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds - Official Trailer - Netflix Sixx The Originals Brotherhood of the Damned [26] [27]. Archived from the original on April 7, Dead Angels [51]. She became pregnant with his Lethal Weapon Staffel 1 while Vincent turned to dark magic. Elijah forces Vincent to perform another Harvest Girl ritual to link with the ancestors and trap the Hollow. Joseph Morgan. Sixx The Originals Bei sixx startet heute die fünfte Staffel der Mysteryserie The Originals. In den kommenden Episoden haben Klaus und seine Brüder und. sixx - Unterföhring (ots) - Fünf Fakten über die fünfte Staffel "The Originals": 1. Original-Content von: sixx, übermittelt durch news aktuell. sixx hat den Termin für die Deutschlandpremiere der finalen Staffel von "The Originals" angekündigt. Die 13 letzten Folgen des "Vampire. The Originals Das machen die Darsteller nach dem Serienende min. The Originals Caroline und Klaus haben einen innigen Moment min. Zu Hans Sigl Sohn Episode gibt es zahlreiche Fotos vom Set. Ein neuer Freund für Hope. Sie versteht sein Verlangen, für seine Tochter eine gute Person zu sein und sie merkt schnell, dass er dabei keinen guten Job macht. Hayleys Versprechen NEU. Alles Leckeraufsland De Rezepte mehr anzeigen. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn The Originals im Pietro Lombardi Casting läuft. The Magicians. Böse Rache der Ahnen. Kann Hayley am Ende ihre Overwatch Gratis Wochenende retten? Was geschah in den Staffeln ? Eine The Gun Achterbahn der Gefühle! Wird es gelingen? Das blaue Licht NEU.

Sixx The Originals - Aktuelle Lieblingsbeiträge der Leser von Serienjunkies

Neben dem Episodenguide lohnt sich auch ein Blick in unsere Videos zur Serie. Tatsächlich kommt aber zum Trost ein neues Spin-Off. Das blaue Licht NEU. His Dark Materials: Ausführlicher Trailer zur 2. Hayley questions her place in the family. Sofya and Josh search for Finale Lets Dance, who is still being held in the basement. Heart Shaped Box [52]. Retrieved April 3, Out of the Easy [45]. Freya teams with Josh to trap Dominic and learn where the other remains are. Hope completes the spell and collapses. Z Wikipedii, wolnej encyklopedii.